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Questions about the changeover to the TRITON method




Can I also use other products when running TRITON?

This is up to the customer, but other products are not quality controlled by us and we do not know what they contain. Therefore, in such experiments you should increase the number of ICP- OES analyzes to make sure that nothing harmful enters the aquarium.

In the sump, can I use the skimmer first and then the algae bed?

Yes, this is possible. There are some disadvantages,these might not bother and a complicated filter conversion can be avoided for the time being.



Can I run Triton method with DSB-system or mud filtration?

No, unfortunately TRITON is not compatible with this type of filtering. We strongly advise against it.

Do I need an algae refuge mandatory?

Yes. There are some aquariums, that run TRITON without an algae bed, however, this is always an experiment and most customers do not want to take any risks.

What do I do if I turn off the calcium reactor?

Again, step by step, the Base Elementz should be dosed in parallel with the calcium reactor. Within 1-2 months, the amount of addition of the calcium reactor is reduced and the addition of the Base Elementz be increased.

Does a change to TRITON method makes sense for me?

This decision must be made yourself. When you are not satisfied with your aquarium, whether the amount of work or the appearance and health of the hard and soft corals etc., we are happy to offer advice and practical help.

What is generally to be observed?

A change always is a risk in a running system. We don`t recommend a change when you are happy with your running method. We would recommend to use the parts out of the TRITON method, that can be helpful for you, for example the HPLC or ICP-OES analysis as well as the individual Trace Base supply.





What is to be attended when changing the sump?

When changing the filter system, often nutrients increase in the beginning. The algae does not start to grow immediately and therefore cannot apply the full filter performance. Please note that always there are fluctuations in the system when changing the filter, your live stock might not like this. During this time, you should act cautiously.




What is the best way to turn off UV and ozone?

UV and ozone should be turned off slowly, step by step, to not stress the live stock. It is best to reduce over 1-2 months.



How important is it to change the whole system to TRITON?

It depends on the live stock you want to keep in your tank. If you want an aquarium like for example the TRITON display tank with a lot of sensitive corals and fish, highly stocked with SPS, then you should stay with the TRITON requirements to be able to reproduce the same success. If it is a mixed system, you can flexibly renounce one or the other. Should there be no success, then you chould change step by step to all of the TRITON requirements.

When do I stop dosing my used products?

The dosage of trace element mixes, amino acids etc. can be stopped immediately, especially when the ICP-OES analysis shows an overdose of trace elements and/or heavy metals.

If you have to do water changes, only the calcium supply of stony corals should kept up. This is replaced by the Base Elementz when the water changes have been carried out. These also ensure the trace element supply.