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Questions about the TRITON laboratory




Can I publish my analysis?

Yes, you have paid for the analysis and may publish it without further ado.

Can TRITON see my results?

No, therefore please always attach the pdf you can generate underneath your test results when emailing us.

How should I name my tank?

Name your created aquarium as you like, so that you can identify it well.

How important is the tank size when creating an aquarium on my account?

It is very important, on this basis the dosage of all elements will be calculated.

Do I have to create an aquarium on my account?

Yes, there has to be an aquarium on your account, otherwise you don`t receive a letter and the results cannot be uploaded.



How do I get an account and ID number?

You can register on triton-lab. You receive an email, that you confirm and create and aquarium on your account. You receive an ID number and for every aquarium that you create you receive a letter.



Can I also get products from other manufacturers measured at TRITON?

No, we don`t do this. You should have enough confidence in the products that you buy. If you no longer have that confidence, you should rely on other products. TRITON distances itself from the measurement of products from other manufacturers, as long as they were not given by the manufacturer in order. We measure only salt-/seawater.



Why is a TRITON analysis more qualified and more helpful than at other labs?

TRITON is not only chemically qualified to carry out analyzes but also has very high skills in reef keeping, as well as knowledge on corals. Only because of these two properties, the customer can be given effective help and therefore realistic and helpful statements can be made about aquaristic.

How precise is such an analysis and how important is the precision?

The analysis of such an analysis is hard to define for somebody who does not have an chemical background. The analyses are much more precise than any hobby testkit because they are not subject to human error.

Especially in trace amounts our evaluations are very meaningful in terms of applicability for a reef aquarium, which means that we make our accuracy not only based on data that is scientifically and transparently visible for everyone here, but also in practice using the TRITON display tank prove their applicability.

Please keep in mind that the ICP-OES gives out 32 readings, but only 4 of these are measurable by hobby measurements more or less. The added value of such an analysis is always in the readings that you can`t measure yourself.

Can I also get my water tested even when I am not running TRITON method?

Sure, TRITON can help. Our goal is to help every aquarist and not only those who use TRITOn products. The most important thing for us is that the reef aquarist is happy with his tank, there are several ways to keep a nice tank.



Who can I ask if I don`t understand the analysis?

You can ask us directly and send us an email, our support-team will answer as soon as possible. You can also try to call us. Also the TRITON Support Forum will be a good possibility to get more information. It is hard to get more information about TRITON method and / or the trace element analysis from other sources as we do and have done pioneering work in this area and also there exists hardly any reliable information about this.




Can I get my water tested anywhere else than TRITON?

No, TRITON is a specialized business on measurements for seawater for aquaristic. We did a lot of research research to collect the information that will enable our company to carry out not only the measurement but also to enable afterward applicable results with the analysis. Especially when running the TRITON method, the water should not be analysed separately.

All TRITON products that potentially should be dosed, will be calculated on the water test results. When the analysis is missing, it is difficult to use the Trace Base products.

Was ist das TRITON Lab?

Das TRITON Lab ist ein auf Meerwasser spezialisiertes Labor, das von Profis betrieben wird. Zum ersten Mal wird den Kunden der Meerwasserquaristik ermöglicht eine sehr große Bandbreite an Parametern über die Beschaffenheit ihres Aqaurienwassers zu erlangen. Diese kann gezielt, sogar im Spurenbereich, angepasst werden. Damit ist es die Evolution der Meerwasseraquaristik, da die Dosierung von Spurenelementen bis dato nur auf einem Prinzip des Ratens und Vertrauens basierte. Ausserdem können mit diesem revolutiönären Werkzeug in der Aquaristik viele bisher unentdeckte Fehler und Problemquellen erkannt und beseitigt werden.