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TRITON - The new generation of Reefkeeping


The company TRITON was founded in Dusseldorf in 2008 and revolutionized Reefkeeping worldwide .  TRITON was the first proffessional aquaristic company to establish it’s own HPLC laboratory (2008 ) as well as an ICP -OES laboratory ( 2013) at the highest technical level,  giving  unprecedented range of knowledge, to apply safe and functional operation to a marine aquarium.

TRITON acts - unlike it’s competition - our approach to reefkeeping is to  encourage and support „ conscious reefkeeping „ : confidence regarding the knowledge of the actual water conditions to the highest possible level  and the assurance that TRITON products compliment this knowledge.

ALL TRITON product lines, including „BASE ELEMENTZ „ and „ TRACE BASE „ have been developed by us in house at the  TRITON  laboratories. They provide another milestone in the history of reefkeeping. whether hobbyist or professional users : A water treatment with TRITON products insures unsurpassed and targeted results, due to the awareness, of information gained from TRITON. This is easily achieved with  minimum effort , maximum energy efficiency and at the same time significant cost savings.

Our goal: Supporting reefkeepers to become more  consciousious, in providing the correct environment for their aquariums.

As early as 2008 TRITON set new standards, as the first professional manufacturer in the world to own it’s own HPLC laboratory, from this point in time it was possible for the company to perform professional routine analyzes for marine aquarium water, almost all of the main elements that have not been considered up to this point in the aquarium , were able to be detected.

Contrary to some other methods that offer generalised dosing regimes that are not scientifically backed up, TRITON stands alone, as a system that provides  clients with specific information about their own aquarium , allowing them to make informed decisions as to the best route to enhance their goals.      

TRITON´s goal since the founding is to lead the industry to a consciousious way of acting , based on scientific knowledge , full traceability and transparency towards the customer . With the aim of pushing marine aquariums into a new generation , a generation that guarantees maximum safety and ease of use.

With expansion of its ICP-OES laboratory in 2013 the TRITON water analysis, includes the trace element range . The TRITON ICP-OES  is specialized  to determine a significantly larger proportion of saltwater composition in detail. The benefits of being able to measure individual aquariums allows TRITON to solve targeted , currently prevailing problems of aquaristics .

Our claim: pushing the boundaries of reefkeeping

Over  the years, data collected from sound sientific research and countless conducted analyzes , flows steadily into product manufacture and consultations by TRITON . With the approach of „ deliberate reefkeeping,“ the high quality of the products, transparency and open relationship with the customers,  TRITON raises the market of marine aquarist from all other providers significantly.

The fact that the pioneering work of TRITON is internationally recognized which is evident in the now globally oriented activities of the company . Precise research , professional laboratory, and the personal passion for the reef ecosystem by the founder Ehsan Dashti contributed ultimately to TRITON offering a system that is implemented in a responsible and natural way, for the benefit of our livestock.                          

In the future, TRITON will continue the research and development work in the salt-water aquariums - insuring the boundaries are always pushed to the limit.


Our philosophy: Open doors for everyone

According to the TRITON philosophy of openness, transparency and high customer orientation, our method, workings and chemical/technical products are proven in public and practical use at our facility in Dusseldorf.                                                                  

Whether fellow reefer ,reef club or professional reefkeeper in large public aquariums - feel free to contact us and visit TRITON facilities. here you can view  the TRITON laboratories, the TRITON products , the method and the TRITON LANI LED . The TRITON team looks forward to your visit and is pleased to share our unique way of working !