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Frozen samples, can it affect my analysis?


We have been asked recently by customers what possible effects could be seen with samples freezing in extreme conditons.

The first thing we should say is that in the 10 years that we have been testing we have never had a sample arrive at the lab frozen, that's not to say of course that it can't happen.

We prepared a solution for testing that we spiked with trace elements as we felt that just testing a standard seawater sample would be pointless, for many of the trace elements are at such low levels or do not appear it would not be possible to observe them. We have taken three samples from this solution, Sample A001 which will be left at normal temperature (22°C), Sample A002 which will be frozen in liquid nitrogen at -198°C, and A003 which will be frozen to -10°C. The two frozen samples will then be viewed against the A001 Blank for comparrison.




Sample 1



Sample 2



Sample 3



Observed change 


Observed change 



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